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The name Lawn and Company has become synonymous with residential improvement in Montgomery County. Beginning back in 1994 with Brian Lawn working independently, it has evolved to a well-known company. During the early years, the projects were smaller, but the basic foundation for a reputation for quality was being laid. Headed by Brian Lawn, Lawn and Company is continuing these long standing traditions of quality workmanship and personal service that are his trademark.

Operating Philosophy
From the beginning, almost 10 years ago, the first projects set the tone for the three part reputation that over the years was to become the Lawn and Company style: On time, on budget, and quality second to none. Our clients especially, but even our competitors, will tell you the high standards we’ve set for ourselves. The reputation we’ve worked so hard to build can only be maintained by extraordinary thoroughness, attention to detail and personal service.

As a general contractor, Lawn and Company specializes in improvement construction on residential dwellings. We also have the expertise and experience to handle the more restrictive requirements of renovation projects, retrofitting and additions. We can provide a wide range of services to final construction, or construction management of your own design. Lawn and Company can deliver the results you expect.


Areas of Operation
Church, Mall, Tenant Build-Out, Renovation:  ALL OUR SPECIALTIESToday, Lawn and Company Builders has become one of the most respected, and busiest, general contracting companies, serving the booming residential economy of Southeastern Pennsylvania.


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